TDR Nova

TDR Nova 2.1

Manages and optimizes audio music tracks

Process audio tracks for mixing, editing and incorporation into DJ presentations by adjusting their settings, output volume, rate and other parameters with the parallel dynamic equalizer. It is compatible with multiple third-party programs and features quick setup options.

TDR Nova is intended to serve as a parallel dynamic sound equalizer. In this regard, it is not installed as a standalone tool; instead, TDR Nova is available as a VST plugin for a wide range of sound editing applications. Therefore, its graphic user interface is commonly accessed from within a third-party tool. Luckily, the product is properly documented and there is even a short online video to help you find your way.

In terms of appearance, there is nothing too different about this equalizer. There are knobs simulating a physical device, which allow controlling four dynamic EQ bands and multiple filters. Fortunately, the tool supports both parametric and dynamic equalization. Good news is that there are various presets you can pick to avoid starting from scratch. Likewise, it is allowed to create your own presets for future use.

All in all, TDR Nova allows expanding your system's possibilities of equalizing sound to a higher degree. Thus, it can easily be turned into an extremely accurate dynamic equalizer. Fortunately, this version is absolutely free. However, you should know there is a more advanced paid edition, called "Gentleman's Edition", with an expanded dynamic section, steeper filters and two additional frequency bands.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports both dynamic and parametric equalization
  • Accurate equalizer
  • Multiple filters
  • Compatible with a wide range of audio siftware
  • Well documented


  • Four bands only
  • More compact dynamic section
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